Facebook email debacle is just another example of why the company isn’t ready


Facebook email

They’re just not ready. They weren’t ready for their IPO.They’re not ready to get into the hardware business with a smartphone. They’re not ready to take off the hoodie and put on a suit. They’re still just a social network and they’re making the kind of mistakes that startups make. That doesn’t mean they won’t continue to be successful in the realm they own nor does it mean that they can’t make a lot of money doing it.

It simply means they not ready to get into the “big time” with the likes of Google, Microsoft, or Apple. They’re still a 2nd-tier tech company.

The latest problem stems from their botched secret implementation of forced Facebook emails as a primary method of contact. CNET covers the mess, showing how address books were altered and emails were lost.

Facebook’s new unified e-mail and its implementation is causing unwanted changes to users’ address books; worse, the changes have gone unnoticed by users and vital communication is being lost.

Read the full story on CNET. Image via Lifehacker.

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