Google Project Glass skydiving, repelling, and biking to the stage


Google Glass Biking

Mark this delivery down as Google winning the internet. Shut up and take my money.

In a presentation about Google Project Glass led by Sergey Brin, the tech giant pulled off a demonstration of epic proportions by giving some extreme sports athletes some Google Glasses and having them deliver a pair to the stage in unconventional ways while broadcasting through a Google Hangout for the world to see. First, they started in a blimp and men in wingsuits and parachutes landed on top of the building. The glasses were then delivered via bike to the edge of the building where they repelled down to another pair of bikers who would deliver them directly to the stage.

All in all, it was a tremendous success and highlighted some of the potential the technology could bring to sharing life experiences.


Here’s the video from CNET.

  1. One thing that we are still yet to see, whether it is seen as a positive or a negative – is the lack of actual user interface coverage. Could Google not be entirely happy with what they have, or is it just so damn good that they are keeping it a mystery and planning a big release? 

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