Surprisingly, Lucas did not add training to his Blu-ray Star Wars changes



There has been a lot of controversy brewing over recent weeks about changes that George Lucas and his team made to Star Wars movies before being released to Blu-ray. Regardless of whether you feel that these were mistakes or not, one thing that should be noted is that he chose not to add online training to the list of changes.

Imagine if Luke had logged into Yoda’s Jedi Academy online rather than risk life and limb on Dagobah. Could the Mos Eisley Band have made it out of the rathole of a space dock had they known more songs? Would Greedo be alive today had he taken an online interpersonal communication workshop to better read Han’s intentions?

These questions and many others are answered (for some reason) by our friends at Mindflash in their latest infographic. Click to enlarge.

Online Star Wars Training

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