Chickenosaurus: Paleontologist attempts to reconstruct dinosaurs from chickens



Michael Crichton and Steven Speilberg were onto something with Jurassic Park. Unfortunately, it wasn’t real science. This is.

Paleontologist Jack Horner and his team are attempting to reconstruct and grow dinosaurs by genetically engineering chickens. Yes, chickens. As one of the most common living descendants of the dinosaurs, they may be able to be manipulated by activating ancestral traits that are remnants from their roots.

Using soft tissue, they’ve been able to find just about everything they need other than DNA itself. Crichton’s dream may be impossible, but this technique may be able to yield… something.

“Birds are living dinosaurs,” said Horner. “We actually classify them as living dinosaurs.”

Chicken-Rex may not be far away. Here’s Horner discussing the concept on TED.

  1. Because introducing organisms into environments they are non-native to has NEVER caused ANY problems.

    Dude, dinosaurs are awesome and all that …but….seriously?

    1. Who said anything about introducing them into the environment? We’re not going to have ferral chickenosaurs.

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