EnnioMirricone LG 728 75

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EnnioMirricone LG 728 75

From the file labelled ‘stuff you didn’t expect to hear about today’ comes this puzzler: LG has announced that it’s teaming up with film score icon Ennio Morricone to produce exclusive ringtones and music for its devices.

The music will come preloaded on LG’s entire range of smartphones, beginning with the Optimus 2X, and will feature 10 Morricone classics, as well as 15 new pieces developed specifically for LG.

For those of you who aren’t hip to Morricone, he’s an extremely influential legend in the world of composing. Hell, I thought he was dead until wikipedia-ing him a couple minutes ago. Even if you don’t know who he is, you know his work – he’s the guy responsible for the much-lampooned western film score motif. Y’know, “DOOWEEOOWEEOOoo, wah WAH wah”. That.

And now, he’s creating ringtones for LG. Welcome to 2011, guys. I hear John Williams is currently being courted by Samsung to produce a series of — Nah, that’s a lie.

Seriously, don’t reblog that.

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