Gmail Gets Merry: Free Calling FOREVER… Maybe



Hey, remember how much Gmail Calling happened to rock? Where Skype would have us toss them our spare change to call phones, Gmail flipped the proverbial bird, allowing this service for free… until the end of 2010. Well, the end is nigh, and many of us, myself included, are sitting cold and alone, making ūüôĀ faces at our screens.

But lo! Google’s not done with the bird-flipping just yet. In the spirit of givings most rad, we’re being given free Gmail calling for another full year, and that may not even be the end of it – Google states that if international calling can cover domestic ones, we might see free calls forever. Can you imagine such a world? I totally can, and I’ve gotta say guys, it’s pretty rad.

Those of you still paying a home phone bill… for what it’s worth, I’m sorry.

  1. Sounds pretty rad till you have to listen to ads before your call connects, or you and your call target have to listen to ads mid conversation. No such thing as free, the cost always comes out somewhere.

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