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Uh Oh.. Twitter Ready To Monetize, And It Ain’t Good


twitter moneyTwitter has finally began moving towards paying gigs, probably fed with being only worth a paltry $5 billion.

But you might not like what they have in store.

Currently, Twitter sells “promoted tweets” for around $100,000 each. These are sponsored tweets that appear at the top of search results, although the general consensus is that the system is experimental and not worth the investment.

Well, now they have a new plan. Twitter is going to sell spots in their “who to follow” recommendation list.

Twitter insists that relevance will be the key here, although this is obviously going to be the weak point of the whole thing.

Twitter is at least sticking to its guns regarding a business model, stating from the start that they would maintain a “stubborn insistence on a slow and thoughtful approach to monetization”.

It remains to be seen if Twitter will use this new promotional tool with care and consideration, and it remains to be seen if users will calmly accept the new rules.

Either way, it’s hard not to respect a bold new approach to building a business online, particularly with so many obvious yet ultimately tired and outdated models available.

Good luck Twitter!

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  1. Hey I dont know why every social media is upto “Paid up everything”…why they forget that any social media like Twitter, Facebook, Digg etc is hit n famous just because of its users…by putting Who to follow in paid service, Twitter would only be doing harm to its users.
    The more natural it is, the more hit the social media be…and there many other ways of earning money…
    Anyway I give a total thumbs down to Twitter for this 🙁

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