Microsoft Marks Release Of Phone 7 With iPhone Funeral


Microsoft is pretty chuffed with Windows Phone 7 Series, now known as Windows Phone 7, and shortly to be known by everyone else as “that phone I tried before I bought an iPhone”.

But wait. That’s premature. It’s unfair to judge Microsoft based on past experiences.

Microsoft is pretty sure their product is revolutionary, but holding an internal event where a giant iPhone is carried by pallbearers, indicating that Microsoft believe their new release will bury the iPhone is pretty much the textbook definition of the word premature.

Apparently these kinds of internal events are common a large companies, with staff blowing off steam after working for months or years on a product.

Still, with this event now being made public, you’d think Microsoft would want the current theme of their outgoing communications to be quiet confidence, particularly while the earth on the Kin’s grave is still fresh.

I have high hopes for Windows Phone 7, and my honest desire is that it shakes Apple to their core (no pun intended). Perhaps this is the start Microsoft needs, only time will tell.

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