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A Bluetooth Timepiece to Absolutely Baffle the Crap Out of You


kisescpc90823232 thumb 550xauto 41658

Hey, wanna look like a time traveller? That’s a stupid question, yes you do. This here thing what you’re looking at is not an ancient Atlantean technomantic power talisman, but a goddamn watch. A watch! Okay, yeah, it does other things too – things like act as a Bluetooth headset for your phone, a remote for Skype, a controller for your MP3 player. Y’know, stuff you’d expect it to do. But I’m honestly more impressed that the folks at Tokyoflash have found a way to cram a timepiece into this thing as well. And, in true Tokyoflash fashion, they’ve found a way to make it confusing as dicks to figure out. In scouring the internet for cool things, I come across an awful lot of hip time pieces, but the Kisai Escape C absolutely takes the cake for most needlessly difficult to read at a glance. Behold.

diagram time1

diagram time2

By the time you’ve told the time, it’s five minutes later. But for those five minutes, you looked hip as shit. I’m willing to pay that price.

[Kisai Escape C, via Dvice]
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