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Xiaomi’s new smartband will have mobile payments built-in

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What do AliPay, Huami, and Xiaomi have in common? They’re all part of the next-generation Xiaomi smartband that’s going to come with a one-touch mobile payment solution built-in. This means that, so long as the smartband is connected to a smartphone, the wearer will be able to make payments with any Alipay partner without having to enter any kind of password. 

Huami announced earlier today that it was working with AliPay to develop a next generation Xiaomi smartband that will incorporate one touch mobile payment solution. This is the same company that manufacturers Xiaomi’s Mi Band. The idea here is simple, the smart band has to be connected to the smartphone. Now, when the user goes near any of Alipay’s clients, the payment will be enabled, without having to enter any password. This Xiaomi smartband will truly change the way users make payments at retail outlets, further increasing the speed at which they pay up for goods and services. As mentioned above, a connection to the smartphone is required for enabling payments. So, this Xiaomi smartband will act as the channel through which the client confirms the identity of the user. The band will be connected to the phone via Bluetooth and will communicate with it to verify his / her identity. Only then will it be able authorize payments made via the Alipay client.

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Michio Hasai Michio Hasai is a social strategist and car guy. Find him on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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