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Xiaomi has started sending out invites for a Grand Finale event

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Xiaomi has launched a bunch of smartphones this year, but time is running out for the company to release the flagship that people have waited more than a year for. Rumor has it that the company has been holding off on releasing the Mi5 because it wants to power the device with the next-generation Snapdragon 820 chipset, but we’re not sure if that’s true. Hell, we’re not sure if any of the rumors we’ve heard are true, because Xiaomi has remained annoyingly tight-lipped regarding the smartphone, but considering how the company just sent out some invites for a “Big Finale” event, we may not have to wait much longer for an official announcement. 

China’s favorite Xiaomi has been on a smartphone launching spree lately and again it has been sending out invites for an upcoming event most likely themed as “Grand Finale”. Well the words Grand Finale could mean that Xiaomi is going to lift the curtains up from the much awaited flagship smartphone of the company Mi 5 or it could be for the Note 2 Pro which is making some news lately. There is no official word yet but Xiaomi’s VP,Lin Bin has posted a pic on micro blogging website Twitter showcasing the event invitation. Though, Xiaomi has many products in the pipeline but as the theme indicates, its the “Grand Finale” there is nothing that can be better than unveiling Xiaomi Mi 5. The smartphone has been drawing significant media coverage recently and there is a good guess that Xiaomi can unveil this handset in the upcoming event. But since Redmi Note 2 Pro has already passed TENAA and has been coming up in pictures lately, its quite likely that it will launch before the release of the flagship Mi 5. So which one is it? Will we see the Mi 5 launch before the Redmi Note 2 Pro?

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