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Xiaomi has joined forces with Uber to deliver smartphones

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Xiaomi is joining forces with Uber in some of its markets to offer its customers super-speedy crowd-sourced deliveries. Uber simply takes its existing army of drivers and turns some of them into couriers. By doing this, people in Malaysia and Singapore can order a Xiaomi smartphone online and have it quickly delivered to their door by an Uber driver, all they need to do is select the “Xiaomi” button in the Uber app and follow the instructions. 

In an interesting pairing of two of the world’s hottest startups, Xiaomi is partnering with Uber to help deliver phones in Singapore and Malaysia. Customers in those countries will be able to order a Mi Note smartphone the same way they hail a ride. “Ordering a Mi Note follows the exact same process as calling for an Uber — you simply open the Uber app, use the slider at the bottom to select “Xiaomi” (which shows Xiaomi-orange colored Uber cars on the map equipped to deliver the new smartphone), and hit request,” Xiaomi international chief Hugo Barra said in a post on Facebook. “Payment will be charged directly to the credit card tied to your Uber account and a Mi Note will be delivered to you within a few minutes. Pretty cool, right?” Xiaomi has been aggressively trying to expand beyond its home market of China, recently launching in Brazil, its first market outside Asia. Barra also said earlier this month that the company is bulking up its patent portfolio in order to support its long-term goal of entering the U.S. market.

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Brian Molidor Brian Molidor is Editor at Social News Watch. Find him on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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