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Xbox One games in China will require an online activation code

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Microsoft’s original DRM plans for Xbox One were rejected by everyone around the world. It appears they have come back for buyers in China though. A Chinese forum called A9VG show many Chinese gamers discussing about the DRM hitting the Xbox One in their country. NeoGAF has managed to translate what users have been saying and it looks like the original DRM plans Microsoft had for Xbox One has hit Chinese gamers. There was evidence for this on the Chinese version of Forza Motorsport 5.

This month the Xbox One launches in China, giving Microsoft access to a billion-strong new territory and a chance to sell a few million more consoles. But the experience is going to be a bit different to that of other territories it seems. The Xbox One released in China is region locked for a start. However, Microsoft has also chosen to implement an online activation system for the games sold there. This feature hasn’t been announced by Microsoft, but is being discovered now the games are becoming available to purchase. The back of Xbox One retail boxes state that a one time activation code is included with the disc. Anyone purchasing a title needs toactivate the game online in order to play it. The code can’t be returned or refunded. What this also means is, if you lend or sell a game then the other person can’t play it on their Xbox, unless of course Microsoft has a way of letting you purchase a new activation code.

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