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WhatsApp’s CEO has accused Apple of “borrowing” features from WhatsApp

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If you have been paying attention to the news, you will see that there are many out there who are criticizing Apple for iOS 8, and how Apple has been “borrowing” features found in many apps and integrating them into iOS 8. For iOS users, this is a good thing since those features are now native. However it seems that if there’s one CEO out there who does not appreciate it, it would be WhatsApp’s CEO, Jan Koum, who took to Twitter to voice his opinion about iOS 8. According to Koum’s message, “very flattering to see Apple “borrow” numerous WhatsApp features into iMessage in iOS 8 #innovation”.

At least one tech founder wasn’t all that impressed by what he heard during Apple’s annual developers conference on Monday. Jan Koum, the cofounder and CEO of WhatsApp, took a jab at Apple for unveiling some new features to iMessage that seem similar to those offered on his mobile messaging app. He didn’t spell out which particular updates he was referring to, but Apple unveiled the option to insert audio, video and location information into conversations, all of which are already features you can find on WhatsApp. Koum did not immediately respond to our request for comment. Apple has been called out in the past for “borrowing” software features from big and small companies. It appears that tradition will continue this year. During the presentation, Apple showed that these message attachments would “self-destruct” unless the user chooses otherwise. This was billed as helping users save space on their phones, but it some have already claimed may be a threat to apps like Snapchat, which are built on that feature.


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Lorie Wimble Lorie is the "Liberal Voice" of Conservative Haven, a political blog, and has 2 astounding children. Find her on Twitter.

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