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Western developers want a piece of China’s mobile gaming market

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When you’re dealing with a $4.4 billion market, people will overcome just about any obstacle to get a piece of it, which is exactly what Western developers are doing with the Chinese mobile gaming market. As lucrative as the market is, there are many difficulties that are involved with actually entering it which are unique to China or just Asia in general, but it’s worth it. 

Taking your mobile game to China is tough, but it might just be worth the effort. Mobile gaming in China was worth $4.4 billion in 2014 — a significant part of an $18.5 billion gaming market — and it’s unsurprising that Western developers want a piece of the action. But taking your game to China isn’t an easy task. Effective localization means more than just translating some text, and developers and publishers also have to deal with an incredibly fragmented Android marketplace, which is split across more than 200 different stores. Walking around Casual Connect Europe earlier this month, I was intrigued by the growing number of stands devoted to publishing in China and the rest of Asia. Speaking to some of these companies revealed a Chinese market brimming with potential but needing a wildly different approach to find success.

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Carl Durrek Carl is a gaming fanatic, forever stuck on Reddit and all-around lover of food.

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