Want to Bathe With Your PC? Rugged Monitor Can Take Any Environment

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SDC100hb front

SDC100hb front

Smallpc.com has just announced the release of their 10.4″ LCD Touch Screen Computer model SDC100. It was designed and tested in the most extreme environments to ensure that it could be used in the most daunting situations.

Other computers face problems such as glare on the screen from sunlight, or issues caused by water damage. Those are things that users won’t have to worry about with Model SDC100. The computer is sealed, waterproof and the display offers excellent viewing, no matter what the conditions are.

Some standard features include: 32GB Solid State Drive, 1G DDR Memory, 3 USB 2.0 ports and 1 LAN port, 12V DC Input with external AC Adapter and rugged aluminum chassis.

“Our rugged computer solutions may not be pretty, but they’re tough. The SDC100 is a robust touch screen computer solution complete with a display that is two to three times brighter than a typical LCD. Go SmallPC tough, or go home,” said Dean Allen, Small PC’s Sales Manager.

The SDC100 Waterproof LCD-PC comes with Windows 7 Pro already installed and devices start out at a cool $2295.00 US. Not a bad price, considering all of the awesome features it comes with, but you might be saving up your pennies awhile to get this one.

Small PC was formed in 1993 and is a division of ICI Controls Inc. The company’s motto is to exceed their customer’s expectations, while providing reliable and effective solutions and their focus is “Rugged Computer Solutions.”

[Source: SmallPC]

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