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Twitter has acquired a native ad specialist called Namo Media

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We already know that Twitter is preparing tons of different new ads that it plans to implement into its service. The social network needs to generate new revenue, and now that it’s a publicly traded company investors will be looking to how it plans to do just that. One key area will be non-intrusive advertisements, and in an effort to bolster its war chest the company recently acquired a small ad firm named Namo Media. Namo Media focuses on mobile revenue generation — a key growth area for Twitter — and says that its service helps “turn [a] content stream into a revenue stream”. Sounds perfect for Twitter, doesn’t it?

Twitter has made another acquisition to build the social network’s ad tech business — specifically in the area of native ads. It has acquired Namo Media, a specialist in “native ad” content that integrates with the site where the ads are being viewed, with a focus on mobile ads. Twitter is not commenting on the price, but I have heard from reliable sources that it is around $50 million. Namo Media is closing down its standalone operation and integrating into the Twitter-owned MoPub platform, the startup wrote in a blog post announcing the news. There are around eight people working for the startup now and from what I understand most will be joining Twitter. The idea of seamless ads fits in with how Twitter has been trying to ramp up its own advertising business both on desktop and mobile versions — eschewing banners and ads in the margins in favour of tweets, and more recently cards, that appear in a user’s Twitter stream in the form of Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts.

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Alfie Joshua Alfie Joshua is the editor at Auto in the News. Find him on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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