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Transforming tomorrow: Advantages of awesome project management

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Competition is nothing new online. From the serious finance trade to the fun yet challenging gaming sector, every company has their own way of promoting themselves. Throughout this process, these companies make sure that they provide a great user experience to their customers, and more importantly their would-be customers. To do this successfully, business owners must understand that proper management of their projects is a big part of their promotional campaigns if they want their business to prosper.

How can this help you? Proper project management will assure the following:


On-time deliverables

For every project, output is one of the major success factors. Of course, good output is what we all aim for whenever we are in a business. When your deliverables are delayed, you need to exert extra effort to catch up instead of just monitoring how it went. It may be in the form of an overdue progress report, a late update, or a postponed email reply. Whatever it is, it kills efficiency in the office (in more ways than one) and eats up valuable time. Proper project management helps in avoiding delays, whether it’s your reports, cash flow, salary for the team, or something else.


Increased team productivity

Let’s face it: it’s hard to keep a team in check. A disaster could easily happen whenever someone messes up, and in turn valuable time and money is lost. Your employees, no matter how pro they are, are always susceptible to errors since they are human. Proper planning helps avoid this, since you are in control of the course of the people at the onset of the campaign. You can focus more on other things too, since you know that their jobs are outlined clearly and thus avoiding any confusion as to who holds which part of the campaign.


Quality control

Of course, quality is everything. You can’t just cook up an event/product/service that isn’t very user-friendly. With proper management of your activities, you ensure that the output of your hard work will remain on par with your standards. It helps you develop an eye for looking for more ways to improve your output.


Shorter Project Time

In most industries, companies prefer for decisions to be made quickly and efficiently. The general notion is that the shorter amount of time you spend on planning and making a campaign, the better. It is imperative, of course, that you should maintain the high quality of your service as you do so. Should a campaign go on without proper management, there is a standing possibility that you lose money while decisions are prolonged and if there is a lot of back-and-forth going on in between parties involved.

Those are just some of the reasons why you should opt for good project management. Now if you are wondering what you need to help you achieve a maximum output on your project, here are two things you might want to keep in mind:


Appoint an excellent and competent project manager

This must be your first investment: a leader for the project. This person must be able to lead the whole project and the team when you aren’t around (and if you get this part right, most of the time you won’t need to be). Project leads generally must have the following key competencies:

■        Good communication skills (oral and written)

■        Technical skills which are compatible for the project

■        Proper knowledge of handling people

■        Approachable and level-headed

■        Calm and decisive demeanor; able to withstand sudden crises

A good project manager sets an example for the team, and drives them towards your goal. You wouldn’t want  a sub-par person handling a valuable project, would you?


Project management software

Nowadays, computers are all around us, helping us in whatever task we need to do in our day-to-day life. It’s the same for project management. Good PM software helps you in:

■        Managing your budget

■        Allocation of resources for the project (manpower, materials, etc.)

■         Avoiding unnecessary miscalculations for the project

■        Proper documentation

There are many other things that good project management software helps you with. And if you are doing a large scale business project, these things are a must. If you need to know more or you want a list of possible applications you might want to use, you can search for them on the web (a good source would be, as they have a good, long list of the best project management software that you might want to check out).

These are just two things that will help you do more in less time, regarding your projects. Project management is a must-have skill that you need to learn if you wish your business to grow and prosper. If you have other ideas about the advantages of project management and planning, do share it in the comments section below.

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John Abrena John Abrena is a marketing consultant for GetApp, a software and applications portal where you can find interesting software for your business. He is also a contributor for and on other websites. Follow him on Twitter, @johnabrena.

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