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The Nintendo NX might have some virtual reality functions

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There’s some good news and bad news for Nintendo fans if this report that Digitimes published on Thursday is accurate. The good news is that sources within Nintendo’s supply chain claim that the company is adding virtual reality functions to its upcoming console, known as the Nintendo NX. The bad news is that adding these functions will require the company to delay the console’s production until early next year, which means we’ll have to wait even longer for an actual release.

A new rumor has surfaced that claims Nintendo is postponing the production of their new gaming platform, codenamed the NX. According to the source, the production will be delayed from the middle of this year to early nexdt year, in order to focus on their “video-game/handheld-game-integrated gaming experience”, coupled with new virtual reality functions. Digitimes themselves are claiming the new console will be assembled by Foxconn Electronics, and that it will feature a display ranging between five to seven inches, as well as a joystick for users to play with as a handheld unit. However, the unit is also able to connect to a TV for home console use. The website also claims that Nintendo has reduced the sheer number of NX units in their order, from 20 million within the first year to just between 9.5 to 10 million units. The sources claim this is a move caused by the console market shrinking, as well as concerns raised over the Wii U’s floundering performance of units within its launch. Should production continue and finish up within their previously confirmed release window, Nintendo’s NX will ship sometime in March of next year.

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