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The Apple Watch is already starting to lose steam

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The initial Apple Watch launch was met with the same clamor and mass pre-orders that we’re used to seeing at Apple product launches, but whereas most Apple products maintain a steady level of popularity for months after launch, the company’s smartwatch is already starting to lose steam. While still far more popular than any other smartwatch on the market, the Apple Watch’s popularity has decreased dramatically in recent weeks. 

Apple generated a ton of buzz leading up to the release of its debut wearable. The campaign effort led to an early pop in sales that quickly put the Cupertino-based company ahead in a market that nobody has yet found traction in. Data from research firm Slice Intelligence reveals that once pre-orders had been filled, sales held steady through May and into early June before taking a turn for the worse. According to Slice, sales have plunged by 90 percent since opening week. That’s a bit skewed due to pre-orders but still, the trend is quite grim as Apple had reportedly been selling around 20,000 units per day in the US during May and early June, but later in the month that figure has dropped consistently to well below 5,000 units. The firm points out that two-thirds of Apple Watch sales have been of the lower-profit Sport version which starts at $349. Slice also contends that fewer than 2,000 of the premium Watch Edition have been sold in the US since launch. Pricing for the Watch Edition starts at $10,000.

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Brian Molidor Brian Molidor is Editor at Social News Watch. Find him on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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