Trent Reznor Sounds Off on Mark Zuckerberg and Other Functional Tools

No one ever accused Trent Reznor of being anything less than tech-savvy, and his recent scoring of The Social Network is...
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Zuckerberg Takes Staff To See The Social Network

It appears the hype around the Facebook movie The Social Network has climaxed, as the one person who stated he would...
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You Can’t Block the Zuck Rush

You’re obvs friends (the Facebook kind, obvs) with Mark Zuckerberg. Zuck’s a pretty fly dude. Runs a little internet startup or...
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Facebook to the Rescue: Zuckerberg & Co. Side With the Rest of Us

You’re a tech-savvy poweruser of most impressive internets, so I won’t remind you of Google and Verizon’s plans to destroy the...
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Google’s A-Comin’, and Facebook’s Locked Down for War

It’s no secret that Google is clearly ramping up for war with Facebook in the social network sphere. Fortunately, Google products...
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