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2011: Hollywood Destroys Ownership. 2012: The World?

You might think that 2011 will be all about how the amazing the iPad 2 or iPhone 5 will be. However,...
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Weekly Hours Spent

Americans Spent As Much Time On The Internet As They Did On Television In 2010

Newspapers are not dead, despite every effort by many (including newspaper publishers) to kill them. That may have been the biggest...
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kimmel twitter

Lights Out for Kimmel – Talk Show Host Breaks Out His Webcam Here’s a weird one. Last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! was all the more live: due to a power outage on-set...
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The Next Apple TV May Cost $99 and Not Suck

Now this is interesting. Hey, remember Apple TV? No, I don’t blame you. Man, Apple TV sucked so hard. Apparently, though,...
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3d tv

Sharp To Enter 3D TV Market This Summer

Japan’s Sharp Corp has announced that the company will begin offering 3D-capable LCD televisions later this summer in Japan. Sharp Corp....
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Trend of T.V. Parenting Shifting to the iPad

I can definitely remember many mornings spent sitting in front of the t.v. It’s flickering glow keeping me warm and shows...
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Analyst Claims Apple Plans iTunes-Happy HDTV

The iPad is just one of a series of futuristic devices Apple plans as it stakes an ever-larger slice of the...
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TV Viewership

Simultaneous TV and Internet Usage Increases, Proves A Point

Are you watching TV while surfing the net? Chances are pretty good that you have, and if so, you are not...
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Bling, Bling: See The World’s Most Luxurious TV

Got money you’re itching to burn on bling? Got a lot of money? Got more? Then why not take a look...
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