If Microsoft doesn’t come out with Surface pricing soon, it will be DOA

There are many who are holding off on buying a tablet until the Microsoft Surface is released. If Microsoft doesn’t clear...
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If rumors about WiFi-only Microsoft Surface are true, they just took something grand and made it fail

There is buzz in both directions surrounding the Microsoft Surface. On one hand, it has some nice functionality reported that will...
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In case you missed the Microsoft Surface launch, here’s the (uncomfortable) video

“A tablet that’s a great PC. A PC that’s a great tablet.” The jury is still waiting to hear all of...
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Microsoft Wants You To Just Shut Up And Touch It

This is intense. Are you seated? Of course you’re seated, that’s a stupid question – who stands around in their laundry...
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Four Trends That Will Change How You Use Tech

Despite the breathless pace of change and innovation in the tech world, when you think about it, a lot of how...
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