The Google Internship

Comparing the coveted internships of Google and Facebook

In a world where people are often having trouble getting full-time jobs, there are a few internships in the tech world...
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Galaxy S4

iPhone is so old (according to Samsung)

If there’s one way to make adults feel like they’re behind on the times, it’s by taking college students and having...
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Technology in the Classroom

Technology in the classroom

Well, it wasn’t easy, but integrating more technological resources in schools is finally starting to pay off. Eighty-seven percent of parents...
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Laptop Tips

How to nurture your laptop to make it live longer

Some people keep their laptops for a long time. Others upgrade regularly because they think that their laptops are outdated or...
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The life of a student [infographic]

The life of a student has certainly changed from the college days with dial-up, kids today are heavily reliant on the...
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Microsoft gets social with

Microsoft is throwing its hat into the niche-social arena by going after students in a bold and likely-futile move with
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