Floppy Disks

Putting the byte on a scale

Data has been a hot topic for more than a decade now as the accumulation of the good ol’ byte has...
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1 Gig

The history of data storage costs

Over the last few decades, the way that data is stored has evolved faster than just about any form of technology....
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Flash Drive Today

A decade made a huge difference in flash drive memory pricing

Today, you can buy a flash drive with enough memory to store more than a room full of floppy discs. We...
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Is DNA coding your data the future of stored information?

Recently on Spectrum, Scientists from Harvard University have successfully converted a 53,000 word book into a single strand of DNA. The...
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Don’t get caught off-guard

While a major disaster, such as a tornado or hurricane, is unlikely, it’s best that businesses prepare for such catastrophic events....
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Cloud storage image

YouSendIt launches new services to take on Dropbox

In the world of cloud storage and file sharing, few companies are growing faster than Dropbox. Since January 2010, the service...
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Infinite USB? Right On! And on, and on, and on…

The word ‘infinite’ is pretty versatile – infinite wisdom, infinite kung fu, infinite shrimp buffet. It’s a buzz word, and one...
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Flash Drive Cufflinks1

For The Gentleman Who Has Everything, and Needs Somewhere To Put It

There’s never a shortage of interesting storage options for the full spectrum of geek chic. Earlier this week, I showed you...
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iPad Logic: Why You Need The Dropbox App

If you’re one of those new million iPad owners then you need to know about Dropbox for iPad. This free app...
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bluray logo

Blu-Ray Format Now Competing With… uh… Itself

The good news: Blu-Ray has released a new format standard, bumping the capacity of a single disc up to a brainbusting...
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ds infographic

A Visual Homage To Data Storage

(Image Credit: “Evolution of Storage” by Curtiss Spontelli | CC) We consume an amazing amount of data, but we also store...
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