Silicon Valley robot startup to democratize programming

The democratization of technologies always transforms us. Consider the enormous benefits from ubiquitous access to the automobile, air travel, and the...
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2 min read

Why cash flow reigns when it comes to tech startups

You need to think outside the box in a 360 degree angle when it comes to your startup and your cash...
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New website lets users discover the meaning of rap lyrics

The online lyrics industry is one in which “few thought could be done,” according to Rand Fishkin. But a...
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1 min read

Pinterest growth stalled in March. So what?

After doubling its users in February, growth slowed dramatically in March down to 1 million new users or 5% growth. It...
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$40.5 million startup Color still failing a year later

Things didn’t look good for Bill Nguyen’s latest startup, Color. They announced their funding on March 23rd of last year and...
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