Microsoft’s new song: Xbox Music expands to Android, iOS devices

Microsoft Corp. is making its Xbox Music service available on Android and iOS devices to compete with Apple Inc.’s iTunes, Spotify...
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Are you ready for Myspace 3.0?

The last time anybody had heard about Myspace, it was most likely the punch line of some social media joke. But...
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1 min read

Top 5 startup logos

Designing a startup logo is as important as an impactful mission statement. It embodies the identity of a company, conveys its...
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Jazz up your life with top Android paid apps

Android is the strongest competitor of Apple iOS and has been giving a toughest time from the day first. Like the...
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Dear Congress: End warrantless email monitoring immediately

We were so close. A non-controversial bill,  the Video Privacy Protection Act, flew through the Senate and was sent to President...
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1 min read

How did you guys meet? On Spotify!

Technology has made it easier for our generation to stay connected to each other in a variety of ways. We can...
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The Battle For Online Music Supremacy

The music industry, while far from perfect, is finally beginning to take baby steps in the right direction. Nowadays, “Gettin’ Jiggy...
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4 min read

Playlistify, Does Exactly What It Says On The Tin Playlistify is one of those unfortunately rare products that does exactly what the name suggests. That’s right, Playlistify “playlistifies” your...
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The British Are Coming! Spotify to Invade North America With Music Streaming Service

While a specific date has not yet been given, the popular UK-based music streaming service Spotify is threatening a US launch...
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Spotify Gets Social With Music In The Cloud Spotify has introduced a host of new social networking features and moved to protect itself against rumored future iTunes features....
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