Why brands are getting it wrong on social media

You’ve created a Facebook page, but have you created a brand? So you’ve created a Facebook page and opened up a...
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3 min read

Tired of MeetUp? Check this out! has changed a lot since it was originally founded in 2001. The website that heralds itself as a place where...
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3 min read

Who is more social? Android or iOS users?

Currently in the United States we have two leading cellphone operators, Android and iOS. And we all know it’s about being...
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1 min read

Geotagging: the way of the now

As technology advances, the amount of information shared increases dramatically as well. No longer is just sharing pictures something of the...
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1 min read
Posterous Spaces iPhone app image

Posterous gives up the fight against Tumblr with ‘Spaces’

Posterous, the creator of a simple blogging service via email, has dramatically shifted its focus. The company now revolves around a...
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49 sec read
Google Plus 1 Chrome

Google Chrome extension lets you +1 anything on the internet

When the Google +1 button first rolled out earlier this year, it made a little bit of a splash from speculation...
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World of Warcraft

The social evolution of gaming

Gaming was once ripe with solitude and individualism. Sure, there were multiplayer games, but that required people to be playing on...
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Google +1 For Search, -1 for Social Media

It’s another year, which means the time has come for Google to take yet another shot at social. They added another...
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3 min read
JMowery Mosiac

Erasing A “Friend”: An Examination of “Friends” On the Internet

I remove people from Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks on a daily basis — not by choice, but because there...
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3 min read

Rushin’ Roulette – Ternovskiy Brings Down the Chathammer

“I believe that Chatroulette was great in the first honeymoon days after it was launched,” says Andrey Ternovskiy, the founder of...
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1 min read
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Remember MySpace? They’re Finally Making Some Changes

Remember when the social media war wasn’t just between Facebook and Twitter, with Google nipping at both their heels with weird...
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39 sec read
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New Online Game Gives Players a Chance to Be Filmmakers

Has it been your dream to make it in the movie industry? Well, recently has released a beta program in...
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1 min read

It’s Like a Million Real-World Farmers Cried Out in Terror… and Were Suddenly Silenced

First off, there really is no end to the tide of Internet startups with names that sound like cartoon sound effects,...
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