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Bill giving kids a ‘clean slate’ option on the internet will do more harm than good

The internet is a dangerous place. It’s a jungle full of miscreants, thieves, and scoundrels. It’s natural to want to protect...
Avatar of JD Rucker JD Rucker
2 min read

Has Google+ risen from the ashes or are the numbers misleading?

Things were looking good for Google Plus when it first launched almost two years ago. Even while it was still in...
Avatar of Jesseb Shiloh Jesseb Shiloh
1 min read

IBM delivers new software and cloud services to accelerate social business

Today IBM announced several new software and cloud-based services to advance the transformation of organizations into social businesses. From marketing to...
Avatar of Techi Team Techi Team
43 sec read

Can Twitter’s photo edit options really hurt Instagram?

The short answer – yes, a little. There are rarely moves made by one social company that make me believe they...
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1 min read

The rise of the mini media moguls

Social media is allowing a whole new generation to emerge. With young adults and children taking over social networking sites, it...
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1 min read

Interesting facts about the IPO that everyone is discussing

While there is definitely a lot of interest in Jimmy’s Fish Stick Company’s upcoming IPO, the main focus is on Facebook....
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15 sec read

GM to stop advertising on Facebook

Just ahead of the much-discussed Facebook IPO, General Motors announced that they plan to cease advertising on the social networking site....
Avatar of Connor Livingston Connor Livingston
37 sec read

If you could take your Facebook friends and put them all on Google Plus, would you?

“It’s a ghost town.” “I’m used to Facebook.” “I already have all of my pictures and stuff on Facebook.” “The mobile...
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1 min read