Silicon Valley robot startup to democratize programming

The democratization of technologies always transforms us. Consider the enormous benefits from ubiquitous access to the automobile, air travel, and the...
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AI techi

Artificial intelligence – working hard, so we can hardly work

In 2011, robot sales hit about 160,000 units, translating to $8.5 billion in sales—this was by far the highest level recorded...
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Could a robot replace you at work?

The robot employment scenario has been described and discussed for decades. Ever since the first hints of automation started creeping into...
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Robot servants are probably cheaper than you think

The concept of robots from the past has either centered around making mundane tasks of humanity easier or obsolete, or they...
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The dubstep dispute. With robots.

Families argue. It’s part of being a family. When your “family” is made up of unhappy robots getting ready for a...
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Flying robots that build things open doors to automated architecture

In the movies, it always start innocently. They are designed to help humans, to do the mundane or difficult tasks that...
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Total Recall Cabbie

7 jobs that robots could probably do better (and cheaper)

Today’s advancements in technology have made automation a part of our daily lives. Many of the tasks that were once performed...
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Swarmanoid: The future of awesome gadgets

The dream of making the perfect robot that can do a lot of our human activities may have found a simple...
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Here’s Why the Human Race is Doomed I sense a theme coming on: people create robots, robots destroy robots, and robots destroy humans? Well I’m a believer...
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A BattleBot’s Epic Slow-Mo Destruction There are some things worth watching in life: a revolution for freedom, a Jersey Shore escapade, and, now, a slow-motion...
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Japanese Robot Can (Almost) Run – We Are So Doomed Am I the only one who finds this terrifying? Like, sure, it’s not quite as immediately scary as Boston Dynamics’...
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Your Halloween Costume Will Never Be As Ambitious As This. Ever. Oh, hey, I just realized I’m an inconsiderate jerk, and never asked you how your Halloween was. How’d it go?...
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Rock-em, Sock-em Robot Beats Up Volunteers In the Name of Science

Six Slovenian volunteers have been undergoing a bizarre test: being punched in the arm over, and over, and over, and over...
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No Pirates, Princesses, or Pokémon, Please

What’s your kid wearing for Halloween? He’s not going as Batman, is he? I see, like, a trillion child Batmans running...
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Beer with Robots: The Best Thing Since Beer without Robots

Concerned less with bettering mankind so much as revelry, the team at Willow Garage has spent what I can only assume...
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Dancing Robots, Way Cooler Than It Sounds I’ll admit, I was skeptical when I saw the title of this video. I assumed I was in for three...
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Cell Phone Robots Make Calling Out Really Bulky and Awkward, But Are Totally Adorable

Robots, man. Freaking robots. Your robotic fix today comes from PhD student Ji-Dong Yim, who has built two cell phone robots,...
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Farmer’s Homemade Robots Pour Drinks, Chop Food, Paint, and More

Chinese farmer turned inventor, Wu Yulu, is finally getting some recognition after designing and building homemade robots. Yulu has faced some...
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