Samsung vs Apple

Samsung bares its teeth and takes a bite out of Apple

Round one of the epic battle between Apple and Samsung started last year. The patent war began when Apple accused Samsung...
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Thomas Edison

3 ways the internet is revolutionizing invention

The process of invention may be intrinsic to human nature and almost entirely unique to humankind, but the process of attributing...
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Kane Kramer filed a patent in 1979 that was a spot-on prediction for the iPod

There have been insinuations that Gene Roddenberry came up with the idea for the iPad or even the flip phone, or...
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Patent wars: The convoluted battlefield of tech IP

Patents shift hands almost as often as companies change their lunch menus. Mobile, software, and hardware patents are of particular importance...
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What’s the marketing potential from Apple’s recent patent for iPhone 3D camera technology?

We have been hearing rumors about the iPhone 5 since long before the 4S was launched. One of the most recent...
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Microsoft has its cake and eats it too in deal with AOL, Facebook

When Microsoft won the auction that brought over 925 US patents from AOL’s portfolio, there was clear indication that Facebook wanted...
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How buying patents from IBM can save Facebook

The acquisition of 750 patents from IBM by Facebook signals the venture of the social networking giant into a realm new...
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patent 1

Apple Rethinking How We Interact With Menus, Toolbars

Menus and toolbars are one in the same. If you’ve seen them on one operating system, you are probably not shocked...
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6a0120a5580826970c0133ed524da3970b 800wi

Another Day, Another Apple Patent: Now In 3D!

I can’t get enough of widgets. I remember, back in the day, as a rabid PC user, vehemently anti-Apple, I flat-out...
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