Google tangos with NASA

You’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about Google’s Project Ara, but Project Tango is starting to garner some well deserved...
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1 min read
Captain Picard Tea

Are 3D printers the future of food for 12 billion people?

There are food shortages around the world. People die from hunger in all countries and regions. Keeping the seven billion residence...
Avatar of Sal McCloskey Sal McCloskey
56 sec read
Washcloth in Space

Wringing out a washcloth in space is the coolest thing you’ll see all day

Some would call it a slow news day. We call it an epic day for space, for Canada, and for science....
Avatar of Sal McCloskey Sal McCloskey
36 sec read

NASA PhoneSats use Android phones to send data from orbit

Earlier this week, NASA launched three smartphone satellites, called “PhoneSats”, into orbit. They rode into space aboard the maiden flight of...
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58 sec read
Tardigrade is Indestructable

Tardigrades survive just about anything and scientists still don’t know why

They can survive temperatures near absolute zero or as high as 300 degrees. The crushing pressure at the bottom of the...
Avatar of Scarlett Madison Scarlett Madison
1 min read
Sun as Art

Space cowboy Alan Friedman turns the Sun into brilliant art

One doesn’t have to work at NASA or SpaceX to explore the heavens. Telescopes have been publicly available for decades and...
Avatar of Rocco Penn Rocco Penn
34 sec read
Astronaut Bed Set

Dreaming of being an astronaut just got easier

The childhood bed has been the place where many dreams of traveling through space have manifested. Since before Neil Armstrong walked...
Avatar of Connor Livingston Connor Livingston
24 sec read

NASA set to launch 13k square foot solar sail as early as next year

The term “solar sailing” was first coined by Arthur C. Clarke in the 1964 book “Sunjammer” but the roots of the...
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59 sec read

NASA jumps the gun, tells us why the world didn’t end ahead of it not actually ending

When you’re talking about why the world didn’t end yesterday, the normal way to do so is to make sure that...
Avatar of JD Rucker JD Rucker
33 sec read

Greetings from Mars: We’re NASA and we know it (Video)

Greetings humans, curiosity the rover had you watch live from the web its landing on Mars to try and decipher if...
Avatar of Erin Ryan Erin Ryan
32 sec read

297-frame stop motion video of Curiosity’s descent

The world watched as NASA put another rover on Mars. It wasn’t as much about the expedition – we’ve been to...
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17 sec read
Hangar One

Google top execs offer to save NASA’s Hangar One… to house their private jets

It is said that most acts of kindness are done with ulterior motives in mind. The offer that Google’s top executives...
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1 min read
Blood Red Moon

Watch the blood red moon on Saturday morning

Sky watchers on the US west coast all the way over to east Asia are in for a rare treat in...
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30 sec read
Lunar Landings

Exploring the remnants: NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter takes clear pictures of the Apollo leftovers

NASA’s missions to the moon 40 years ago left behind remnants. With no wind or water turbulence, these remnants can still...
Avatar of Rocco Penn Rocco Penn
27 sec read
Black Hole Eats Star

NASA visualization of a black hole devouring a star

In late March 2011, NASA’s Swift satellite alerted astronomers to intense and unusual high-energy flares from a new source in the...
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47 sec read
Virgin Galactic image

NASA turns to Virgin Galactic for space travel

With the demise of its Space Shuttle program, NASA is turning to Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic, as well as other private...
Avatar of David Lux David Lux
50 sec read
Neil Tweet

Neil deGrasse Tyson continues his onslaught on the government’s betrayal of science

When Astronomer Neil deGrasse Tyson was on Bill Maher last week, he laid into the plans to slash NASA’s budget. When...
Avatar of JD Rucker JD Rucker
29 sec read

Neil deGrasse Tyson pleads for the future of NASA

“The most powerful agency on the dreams of a nation is currently underfunded to do what it needs to be doing,...
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