Microsoft Windows

Windows 8 Detachable PC

Android or Windows 8? How to choose between HP’s two new detachable PCs

Perhaps you’ve heard that HP has launched two detachable, hybrid PCs and you aren’t sure which of these cool devices is...
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1 min read
Google vs Microsoft

Microsoft and Google at it again

Yes, Microsoft seems to have given Google the hump lately with their new update for the YouTube app on Windows Phones....
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You won’t believe that Komputer Kindergarten is only two decades old

There you are. It’s 1993 and you’re sporting he hair, the youthful look of post-teen angst, the smile of one dedicated...
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34 sec read
Windows Store

Hitting 50K apps on the Windows Store highlights Microsoft’s mobile insignificance

There was never a doubt that iOS and Android are much bigger than Windows when it comes to mobile OS adoption,...
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1 min read
USB Rocket Launcher

Play around at the office with a USB rocket launcher

The office can be stressful. Many of our biggest pressures in life stem from activities at the office. Releasing anxiety, stress,...
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28 sec read

1.4 billion smartphones will be activated in 2013

It’s a mobile world. Of that, there is little doubt. There is no longer a question about whether the smartphone and...
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Is this the ultimate gaming PC?

When Unbox Therapy decides that they want to build something, they go all out. That’s the case here as they have...
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Windows 8 #firstworldproblems: It boots “too quickly”

Under 7 seconds. That’s how long an SSD-equipped Windows 8 PC takes to boot. It’s something that is unheard of in...
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