lord of the rings

Helm's Deep LEGO

The most epic Helm’s Deep LEGO recreation you’ll see in this lifetime

We’ve seen the Minecraft treatment done to Game of Thrones that blew our minds with the digital effort put into it....
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35 sec read

Habitat like a Hobbit in your very own Hobbit hole

We all anxiously awaited our return to the Shire and into Middle Earth’s fantasy concocted by J.R.R Tolkien and Peter Jackson...
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28 sec read

Two geek abominations

Abomination: A thing that causes disgust or hatred. A feeling of hatred. In the world of geekness, there are few things...
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13 sec read

Last stands: 7 movie scenes where the heroes die fighting

Not every movie has a happy ending. Not every final death is necessarily sad. Great movies have a way of making...
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1 min read

Unnecessary Lord of the Rings Blu-Ray Has Unnecessary Quality Problems

As soon as Blu-Ray high-definition films became available, geeks the world over waited with bated breath for one group of films:...
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