Top places to buy your next home

Home buying has been on the decline since the housing bubble burst, but things are finally on the upswing.  Experts agree...
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Home of the future

Microsoft envisions the “home of the future”

What if every wall in your home was a digital display? What if your kitchen table would set itself and also...
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This future eco-friendly home is deadly, cramped, symmetrical, and awesome! All the things I want in the house of the future are represented in the Cube. It’s a 3 x...
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homeforlife 2

The House That Pays For Itself (Eventually) — Home for Life

For years we have heard about self-sustaining homes that can take advantage of the latest technology to harness solar energy and...
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rotel 1

Rotel: The Amazing Hotel That Rolls On Wheels

Who said that a hotel must be a stationary thing? It wasn’t Rotel Tours. This company has created an army of...
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