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Twitter Status

As Twitter turns seven, its status is finally a safe one

There was a time in 2008 when Twitter really started taking off. Celebrities were starting to use it. Kevin Rose, former...
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@Digg founder @KevinRose trolls Reddit, does an AMA, then goes to Alcatraz

It was either one of the weirdest things the Digg founder ever did or a brilliant troll move against the community...
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Kevin Rose moved to Google Ventures

Kevin Rose has always been known as an “ideas guy”. His ventures haven’t always paid off as well as they could...
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Save Delicious

Can Anyone Save Delicious? Only If Yahoo Lets Them.

With Delicious in purgatory, can anything bring the trend-setting social bookmarking site back to (even half of) its former glory, pre-Yahoo?...
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kevin rose

Kevin Rose Outs Apple’s iTV

Digg founder Kevin Rose has had varying degrees of success when it comes to Apple rumors. As a tech industry insider,...
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