John Roberts and Barack Obama

Finally, the Supreme Court is joining the digital age

One of the promises of the internet was to make more things available to the people in ways that we never...
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space tech

Is space internet possible?

 Back in 1998, two companies tried to connect voice and data services around the world.  The purpose was to make sure...
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Google Loon

An out of this world project

Google has added a brand new venture to its roster, Project Loon. Loon allows people to connect to internet, not from...
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Thomas Edison

3 ways the internet is revolutionizing invention

The process of invention may be intrinsic to human nature and almost entirely unique to humankind, but the process of attributing...
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online rev

The Internet revolution

To say that the internet has completely revolutionized the way we communicate with each other would be a serious understatement. People...
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Internet Entrepreneur

Best internet entrepreneurs of 2012

2010 saw the launch of what are now two major social media websites – Pinterest and Instagram. These two companies, started...
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constellation es 3 feature 1 4tb data footprint

Data footprints by generations

Over the first few thousand years of our existence (up until 2003), humankind generated 5 billion GB of data. Today, we...
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title algorithms

How algorithms have changed the world

If you consider yourself even remotely interested in technology, you’ve heard the term “algorithm.” An algorithm is defined as a set...
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Consuming Technology

Web content consumption through the years

There is something on the web for everyone and with internet usage almost doubling what it was five years ago, there...
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Social gifting is on the rise

Thinking about giving a gift this year? Watch out – it should come as no surprise that while the amount you’re...
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ep12 minute hacks wifi

How to boost your wifi connection with a beer can

Whether you’re working hard or hardly working, the Internet is needed for a lot of what you do—from researching for a...
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Facebook psychology – Is addiction affecting our minds?

Is Facebook affecting the way our minds function?  It’s a safe bet to say that the vast majority of those looking...
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The presidential battle in the mobile app world

Today’s world in America is one dominated by the mobilization of technology. So it’s only fitting that even the Presidential election...
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Is there a science to picking an Internet service provider in San Francisco?

The internet has become part and parcel of our daily lives; an addiction of sorts. Whether we want to shop, socialize,...
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If Iran goes dark on the internet, will citizens find a way to stay connected?

It’s widely assumed that as soon as Iran is able to fully implement its country-wide internet, that they will block all...
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After the election, expect internet services to be taxed

You won’t hear much about it until after November, but regardless of which way the US government races go there is...
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Stuxnet: the new face of cyber warfare

Iran’s nuclear efforts have been more than a bit of a threat, and with that, US and Israel joined forces to...
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Who’s moving to Kansas City for Google’s 1000 Mbps?

There may be a lot more Chiefs fans coming to town soon as Google opens up their 1000 Mbps up and...
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