Internet service provider

‘The Internet Must Go’ – a mockumentary

A new “mockumentary” called The Internet Must Go launched today, in conjunction with the latest court hearing in the Verizon case...
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The beast is back: The FCC’s net neutrality case gets its day in court

Lawyers for Verizon and the FCC are stepping up Monday to argue over the future of network neutrality before the D.C....
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Stuart Hazell

UK PM goes after internet porn

There is an area of the internet that is avoided by most internet rights groups and that champions the cause for...
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DDoS Attack

The day the internet almost died and what it really means

Let’s establish one thing immediately. Despite the shock journalism and uneducated claims out there saying that the internet attack was so...
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In Germany, you’re not expected to be able to live without internet access

The internet is officially an “essential” part of life in Germany according to a court ruling Thursday. According to Reuters: A...
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