grand theft auto

Grand Theft Auto V Timelapse

Timelapse video shows just how detailed Grand Theft Auto V really is

The gameplay has been heralded as amazing. The online version has had bugs but seems to be heading in the right...
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21 sec read
Aaron Alexis

Link or no link, the video game violence debate simply needs to stop

Every time an act of severe violence occurs and a background story can be found where the perpetrator played violent video...
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2 min read

Grand Theft Auto: How it started and where it ended up

With huge opening numbers, Grand Theft Auto V has launched towards resounding success. This isn’t just another chapter in a popular...
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Picture 13

The Things We Do for Science: Real-World Grand Theft Auto

My friends and I have always talked about how arcade driving is so much more satisfying than real-world driving; you know,...
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