GoDaddy’s first Super Bowl ad is a little less sexist than usual. A little.

GoDaddy has built a name for itself through elephant-shooting CEOs, SOPA support, and sexist television ads that depict women in ways...
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The major video game companies may be off the SOPA list but they still support it

It’s one thing to distance your company from a list that had proven in the last couple of weeks to be...
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Godaddy Logo Edited

GoDaddy lost 72,354 domains this week. It’s not enough.

Despite a massive Twitter campaign and a blog post that claims “Go Daddy no longer supports SOPA legislation” the company and...
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Serves them right: Righthaven (aka MegaCopyrightTroll) loses own domain

When the tables turn, comedy often ensues. Such is the ironic case of, the “copyright troll” that attempts to seize...
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