5 video games that can make you smarter

Whether you like it or not, video games are becoming a permanent part of our culture and even our collective unconscious....
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Battlefield 4 Single Player

#Video: Battlefield 4’s single player story trailer is #epic #gaming

The battle between the Battlefield series and Call of Duty has been hard fought for years. Battlefield is generally considered the...
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Call of Duty Ghosts Trailer

#Video: Call of Duty releases their first Ghosts gameplay trailer

As it is every year, Call of Duty has one of the most anticipated games of the Christmas season coming out...
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Xbox One vs PS4 Infographics

#Infographic: Yes, there’s already a PS4 vs Xbox One graphic

The battle has been going on for months and we’re already growing sick of it. The upcoming releases of the Xbox...
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Crossplatform Gaming

Can Xbox One crossover with PC gaming?

Here’s an interesting proposition: what if you could save a game that you’re playing on the upcoming Xbox One and then...
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Steam Controller

#Video: Steam controller demonstration makes other controllers look old

When Nintendo came out with the Wii controller and remote, it was a dramatic change from the way that gamers had...
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8-Bit Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo retold as an 8-bit video game

It is one of the most loved modern classic family movies around. Now, Finding Nemo can be relived in under 2...
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Grand Theft Auto V Timelapse

Timelapse video shows just how detailed Grand Theft Auto V really is

The gameplay has been heralded as amazing. The online version has had bugs but seems to be heading in the right...
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Why GTAV’s success is bad for gaming

Success in the gaming industry is no longer measured by sales of a game. It’s now all about the staying power...
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PlayStation announces smaller Vita and a set-top box device

Sony has announced an updated version of its Playstation Vita game console at the Tokyo Game Show in Japan. The company...
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YouTube Logo

Video gaming channels: the hits keep coming

Many opinions on this particular matter surfaced but I’d like to say this to start: I always more about playing video...
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Facebook Contest

The wrong ways (and right way) to do contests or giveaways on Facebook

There’s a trend on Facebook that simply won’t die. Many business pages continue to offer giveaways, contests, and even “exclusive” games...
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Console Gaming vs Mobile

Game consoles vs. mobile devices: Is console gaming on life support?

Some are already chiseling RIP on a tombstone for consoles, but in reality mobile devices aren’t yet ready to seriously compete...
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3 additive mobile games developed to test your I.Q.

The world of apps and Smartphone’s primarily started off with Apple’s iPhone in June 2007, with Google soon following up with...
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The evolution of video games

Since the early days of Pong to the rise of Angry Birds, video games have been an active part of many...
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Badland for iOS might be the mobile game you’ve been waiting for

Things are looking good for Badland, a new game from Finnish developer, Frogmind. With a release that’s been met with critical...
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Steampunk Guy

The coolest steampunk gaming PC you’ll see all day

Hardcore gamers take their games seriously. Dedicated practitioners of the art of steampunk have no problem taking it too far. When...
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Game of Thrones 1995 Intro

Game of Thrones intro re-imagined in 1995 is absolutely brilliant

There are many videos, both parodies and serious ones, that give a particular angle or treatment to the exceedingly-popular HBO series,...
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