IBM Engineers

IBM starts cutting employees after first earnings shortfall in 8 years

For decades, International Business Machines Corporation, better known as IBM, has been one of the most solid representatives in the tech...
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The Google Internship

Comparing the coveted internships of Google and Facebook

In a world where people are often having trouble getting full-time jobs, there are a few internships in the tech world...
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Jacob Bijani

First Tumblr executive leaves after Yahoo buyout

It took longer than most thought and may be a lighter hit than expected, but the exodus of a Yahoo-owned Tumblr...
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Marissa Mayer

Marissa Mayer’s first big mistake at Yahoo is a ludicrous one for a tech company

There were many things broken at Yahoo when Marissa Mayer first took over as CEO. She has moved the company forward,...
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2 min read
Look at me

Clever LinkedIn promotes itself by congratulating others

We are vane creatures. LinkedIn has been on a roll, lately. They seem to have come to grips with their status...
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HMV Twitter

If you’re firing 190 employees, make sure they don’t have access to the company Twitter account

Firing employees can be hard. There are emotions at play and emotions can lead to bad decisions. They can also lead...
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Seven tips for a meaningful internship

You did it! You scored that awesome internship. Your future is blossoming before your very eyes. The time to push outside...
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TIL Twitter has a relatively-small number of employees

It only takes 140-characters or less to send a Tweet and it takes under 1,000 employees to operate the company according...
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Microsoft employees like Capri Sun, Google employees like bacon

They say you can tell a lot about a company by the type of people that work for it. Are they...
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Did Monster leak LinkedIn buyout rumors to spark interest?

Leaks often hit the press in an effort to change the reality of the news. They can be an effective way...
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The rise of the mobile employee

There was a time not too long ago when the only employees who could be considered “mobile” were the high-powered executives...
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Winners and losers in the tech talent war

The amount of available talent in several technology industries is not keeping up with the demand in recent years. As new...
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