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Because YouTube is just too damn fast

In a head-scratchingly bass-ackwards marketing decision, you can now send recorded videos to friends and family (and enemies, I guess –...
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Old Laptop Into Digital Frame? Sure, Why Not?

Erik Pettersson isn’t about to spend over 100 dollars on a lame, featureless digital frame. And why should he, when he’s...
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Microsoft Wants You To Just Shut Up And Touch It

This is intense. Are you seated? Of course you’re seated, that’s a stupid question – who stands around in their laundry...
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Samsung Pwns FPD 2010 with Scores of Cool Tech

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dY_ADCTBKVE Hold on a second while I plug something I like. That thing is Samsung’s mastery of all things display-related. I...
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Researchers Develop Unnecessarily Tiny Pixels… Because They Can

You thought that Retina Display was smooth. You thought pixels 4 times smaller than regular pixels were impressive. Man, have you...
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