Dark Knight

Unstoppable Immovable

The conclusion to an immovable object meeting an unstoppable force will surprise you

Leave it to the folks at Minute Physics to give enjoy thinking harder than you really want to for under four...
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21 sec read

Why does porn pop up everywhere it shouldn’t?

We know where to find porn. There are more websites dedicated to giving people their skin fix than there are sites...
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1 min read

Have your DVD’s rise with the Dark Knight bookshelves

Yes we are aware that these are bookshelves which are meant for actual books, but many of us are now reading...
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46 sec read

Bane may be on every geek’s mind but let’s not forget the master criminal himself

When the credits rolled on “The Dark Knight” I was saddened because I knew there was no way the conclusion to...
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42 sec read

NDCAC: The scariest thing the FBI has done since before 9/11

The words “National Domestic Communications Assistance Center” sound harmless enough. It could be a call center for a tech support company....
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2 min read