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Cyber Security

Cybercrime: main targets in 2013

Cybercrime, “When the hunter learns to shoot without missing, the bird learns to fly without perching.” This is an age-old adage...
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It’s a SaaS world

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is cited as 82% of today’s cloud investments, and is the deployment model for 84% of new applications, so...
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The history of data storage costs

Over the last few decades, the way that data is stored has evolved faster than just about any form of technology....
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IBM delivers new software and cloud services to accelerate social business

Today IBM announced several new software and cloud-based services to advance the transformation of organizations into social businesses. From marketing to...
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Recession tip: focus on thriving, not just surviving

When the overall economy is slumping, as it currently is, people begin to focus just on surviving—success is simply defined as...
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The rise of the mobile employee

There was a time not too long ago when the only employees who could be considered “mobile” were the high-powered executives...
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Amazon fires up its iPad-fighter

Amazon unveiled its all-new tablet computer today, adding the more robust Kindle Fire to its well-established line of Kindle e-readers. The...
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YouSendIt launches new services to take on Dropbox

In the world of cloud storage and file sharing, few companies are growing faster than Dropbox. Since January 2010, the service...
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Apple’s iCloud takes on cloud services from Microsoft, Google

At the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco this week, Apple introduced iCloud, a set of free new cloud services that...
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ChromeOS Is Google’s Next Attempt To Redefine Computing

Now that the tech world has had some time to look at ChromeOS, Google’s new stab at an operating system, there...
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3 min read

Games Streaming Service, OnLive, Gives You More Ways to Procrastinate

What happens when you want to take a break on your laptop or netbook? Don’t like cheap, free, Flash games from...
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1 min read

Three Reasons the PC Era Is Coming To An End

These days, if you asked most people which company is out to destroy the PC, they’d tell you ‘Apple’. But it...
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Apple’s Play To Own The Future of Our Digital Lives

Apple’s recent behavior may seem strange – but we forget that they’re fighting to own the future of the computer industry....
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Break Up

It’s Time to Break Up With Your OS

In the world of cloud computing where Google is pushing Chrome OS as a browser and operating system (OS) to manage...
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