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Old Cell Phone

First cell phone television ad from 1989

Okay, so we probably shouldn’t have used a jolly Don Draper cartoon as the featured image for this piece, but it’s...
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21 sec read
Texting while Driving

Are cell phones and social media killing drivers?

Picture it. You’re driving down the road singing along to Britney Spears and your phone blows up with notifications.  Your best...
Avatar of Brittany Hoffman Brittany Hoffman
2 min read
Michael Douglas Cell Phone

The smartphone effect: 1991 vs 2011

There is little doubt that technology has changed things completely for western society in the last two decades. Computers are smaller...
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30 sec read
USB Wrist Band Battery 1

USB Powered Wrist Band Battery brings a whole new meaning to power on the go.

Just when you thought having portable battery power couldn’t get any more crazy, the people at Brando have released this USB...
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