Health, environmental improvements eyed in shift to electric vehicles

The environmental movement has long had its sights on the automotive industry as a central point of change. They have pushed...
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The ultimate guide to James Bond cars

When people mention “cool movie cars” the first thing that normally comes to mind is James Bond. The British spy known...
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Folding Car

Folding car could make intra-city travel easier, cleaner

As populations grow and continue to migrate into cities, transportation has become an issue within congested cities. Less than half of...
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Automotive Social Media

Automotive social media report card: Facebook

As it does with most trends in marketing, the automotive industry has gone from way behind just a year and a...
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2012 Nissan Altima QR image

Nissan to add QR window stickers to new cars‎

Nissan has become the first automaker to use Quick Response (QR) codes on individual vehicle window stickers across its entire lineup....
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2011 Nissan Leaf image

Nissan takes the Leaf EV on a tour around the country

Last month, Nissan announced a major milestone, having delivered 4,000 Leaf electric vehicles to customers in the U.S. As a record...
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Where ‘toy’ ends, and ‘badass’ begins

Add to your personal list of things that don’t need to exist (everyone keeps one of those, right?) this remote-controlled car,...
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Driving to a different tune with Soundtracks

Are you about ready to throw your car stereo in the trash? You’re about to be. Students Robbin Ingvarsson and Waldemar...
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Google self driving car image e1305145612629

Google asks Nevada to allow self-driving cars

According to the New York Times, Google is secretly lobbying for legislation that would make self-driving cars legal in the state...
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KITT cars image

Google Demos Self-Driving Cars at TED Conference

Google made big news last year when the search giant announced it had developed technology for cars that can drive themselves....
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Singing Banner Ads Were Only The Beginning…

If Google has AdSense, let’s just call this NonSense. A new advertising campaign for people-what-make-cars Alfo Romeo is (we desperately hope)...
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Porsche’s Awesomely Expensive Thank You To Facebook Fans

Porsche has come up with a unique and expensive way to thank its Facebook fans. They took a GT3 R Hybrid...
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knight rider rc bild1

Oh Come On! Now Google’s Making Self-Driving Cars

Google is innovating so quickly, at this rate we might actually have flying automobiles by the end of 2010. But in...
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brd06 1

The Closest Thing You’ll Ever Get To Driving An Actual F1 Car

Think your car is pretty fast? Well why not try going from stopped to 100 MPH and back stopped in about...
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No. Fracking. Way. This Battlestar Galactica Car is Street Legal

This formal US Postal Service Jeep has been transformed into a contraption that the most hardened fighter jock could climb into...
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One of Many Reasons That LEGOs Will Always Be Cool What do you get when you have a few guys with a lot of time on their hands and a...
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taa car

A Concept Car That Brings Balance to the Force

I seem to focus on concept vehicles a lot, both produced and still on paper – but who can blame me?...
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