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Apple TV

Apple TV 3 Coming… Soon… ?

Suffice it to say that up to now, AppleTV hasn’t fared too well. The first iteration was crap (compared to the...
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Apple TV Jailbroken

It was only a matter of time, but one of the teams responsible for iPhone jailbreaking has hinted on Twitter that...
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Who Will Own The Living Room? Apple, Google, Sony or Microsoft?

Though recently it has been the smartphone market that has garnered the most attention in the tech world, the arrival of...
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Rating Apple’s Annoucements: Great Updates to iPods, iTunes and a Meh Apple TV

Now that the Internet has ever-so-slightly calmed down after another Apple-induced frenzy, it’s time to step back and think about the...
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If The Rumors Are Real, Apple’s iTV Will Be A Runaway Success

Though the Apple rumor mill is always a fickle beast that’s more often wrong than not, when rumors from a variety...
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The Next Apple TV May Cost $99 and Not Suck

Now this is interesting. Hey, remember Apple TV? No, I don’t blame you. Man, Apple TV sucked so hard. Apparently, though,...
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Apple TV Proves Haters Wrong, Outsells TIVO

Despite living thousands of miles apart and belonging to astronomically different tax brackets, it turns out that Steve Jobs and I...
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Analyst Claims Apple Plans iTunes-Happy HDTV

The iPad is just one of a series of futuristic devices Apple plans as it stakes an ever-larger slice of the...
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