Apps that Pay Users Infographic

#Infographic: Apps on the right side of ‘free’

Do you know what’s better than paying for something? How about getting it for free? Do you know what’s better than...
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Best Android Apps

The foundations of a successful app

Developing smartphone apps is a tough business to break into. Seventy-five percent of apps earn the developer less than 500 dollars...
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Laugh Synth

Amido Releases Laugh Synth App for iOS

Laugh synth for iOS has just been released, compatible with both iPhone and iPad. Laugh Synth makes it possible create laughing...
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Facebook iPad app image chat status

Facebook readies an official iPad app

After downplaying the importance of having an iPad app, images of Facebook’s upcoming iPad app have finally been exposed via TechCrunch....
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41 sec read
Skype iPad app image

Skype to release iPad app soon

Skype has become a popular app for the iPhone, bringing video calling to millions of mobile users. Now the service appears...
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goodreader launch

GoodReader For iPad Gets an Update

GoodReader, the iPad PDF viewer gets an important update today. The app now supports annotations, including notes and sketches. The app...
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6 Great Apps For Web Designers

If you are a web designer then Apple’s mobile devices can help you work better, smarter — and out of the...
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2 min read

I Am T-Pain App Gets Video Viral If you’re one of the millions who downloaded and used the notorious I Am T-Pain iPhone app then hit your...
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iStockphoto Goes Mobile Putting Stock Photography in Your Pocket

Hey, y’know iStockPhoto? Well, hold onto your MOTHERLOVING hat, because this business just came to your iPhone. Just now. Yes, it...
Avatar of Ty Dunitz Ty Dunitz
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LA Times

LA Times gets an iPhone habit

Got a world class newspaper you want to keep publishing as tastes go digital? The LA Times has, and so it...
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Picture 17

Metal your iPhone with Kiss and Slayer

It could just be me, but I really like these two incredibly rock-tastic apps that recently appeared on the App Store,...
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Apple Aptly Announces Apple Store App

In what is quickly becoming an extremely Apple-centric day, Apple has announced its own app to browse its online store. With...
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38 sec read

App of the Dead Straight From Mr. Romero Himself

Oh, George Romero… what happened? On top of the world of horror at one moment with your groundbreaking films filled with...
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1 min read

Get Your iPhone Pregnant and Suffer The Consequences Do we all remember the Tamagotchi craze in the 90s? Those annoying little digital playthings made up of only a...
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Free Navigation App for iPhone Allows Users to Create Their Own Maps

A completely free turn-by-turn navigation app, skobbler,  has just been released for the iPhone. skobbler is powered and continually updated by...
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Jailbreaking a Requirement For Experiencing WiFi On Your iPhone or iPad It looks like users will have to be willing to jailbreak their iPhones in order to experience the benefits of...
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Surprise: Apple Plays Opera Mini For iPhone (With Video) In a big surprise for iPhone users in search of choice, Apple has approved the third-party Opera Mini app for...
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kindle ipad

Kindle App for iPad To Crush Competitors Like… Well, The Kindle

Skeptics who don’t believe people will use Apple’s iPad to read books may have to rethink their position today, after Amazon...
Avatar of Navneet Alang Navneet Alang
43 sec read