There’s no longer a doubt: Facebook is making free marketing on pages less powerful

In hindsight, it’s easy to see that it was only a matter of time. Facebook has been such an amazing marketing...
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1 min read

Facebook’s little ads are making big bucks

Mobile marketing is here to stay, but are mobile ads as profitable as they could be? With growth for mobile advertising...
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1 min read

Smartphones and smart ads: Microsoft ups their game

Essentially everyone has a smartphone now. If you don’t, don’t feel badly – my phone is intelligent enough to function but...
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1 min read

Test Drive A VW Directly From A Print Magazine Ad You know things are getting pretty ridiculous in the tech world when you can test drive a car directly from...
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Android Ad Impressions Come to A Screeching Halt

If there is one thing that Android really needs to have happen, it is that advertising needs to remain positive on...
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google tv ads

In Google Ad Concept, TV Watches YOU

Surprise, Surprise, Google doesn’t like sitting twiddling it’s thumbs for too long. With eleventy billion dollars in the bank and the...
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